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Early Literacy Programs


The Learning Bee is an Australian company committed to developing the literacy skills of young children using fun, inspiring and progressive programs. We use games and strategies that are proven to work and explicit instructional methods for the development of necessary strategies for reading and spelling.


Back to Basics


The Learning Bee’s programs are sequential and naturally progressive. Like building blocks, we start at the ground and build up on prior knowledge. Starting where the children are at and building up on current knowledge is paramount to imparting knowledge that makes sense. We use a variety of tried and true proven strategies and techniques. With eleven programs available finding a suitable level is easy.


Our Motto : “Believe, Achieve, Succeed”


Improving knowledge and skills, improving self concept, instilling healthy attitudes toward learning = success.

At The Learning Bee we pride ourselves in believing in children’s abilities and creating that same belief in them. The creation of happy self-confident children is our goal.

Children Achieve great things in our small group or individual classes which leads to further success in their future schooling.

Children inspire us daily with their capabilities.




We believe in children’s abilities. They are amazing and capable. We harness their thirst for knowledge and tap into the window of opportunity for learning. Be amazed!




It is easy to achieve when learning opportunities are delivered in a fun and approachable way. Achieving sets children up for future success by lifting their self-esteem and giving them a positive self concept.




Success is what we strive for. See the difference in your child every week as success comes so easily. They blossom in our friendly, fun classes.

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