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Our early education lessons have been proven to develop and accelerate the learning of literacy skills for children in a positive and sequential manner. Our programs do not only teach reading, writing and spelling skills, but they also foster and reinforce other abilities including confidence and self esteem. Our individually tailored lessons will extend your child’s concentration, attention span and his or her ability to focus and see tasks through to completion.


We also teach valuable social skills and values such as:

  • patience

  • taking turns

  • how to win with grace

and perhaps more importantly:
  • how to lose with grace

Writing "Rainbow Letters" in Honey Bees 2


The following classes require an assessment to ascertain which level is most appropriate for your child.  These are classes for students who are beginning, or able, to read and spell. Please contact us to arrange a time for an assessment or discuss the options available to you.

Andi 01.JPG

Miss Andi teaching Bumble Bees

Lecia 02.JPG

Miss Lecia teaching Bees Knees


Writing & spelling in a Vowellettes lesson

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