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Focus: Reading CVC words - Rhyming - Word families - Final sounds    

Necessary Prior Knowledge:

Age 4 unless attended previous programs - Able to sound out words - A range of sight words. Master Bees (We Are Family) classes range between 40 -60 minutes in duration. 

Parents are still required to attend to get the full benefit of lesson content. The format of the lesson changes slightly from the previous programs. Sight words are introduced and reading material increases in complexity. The first half of lesson still uses games to consolidate previous skills learnt. The second half is devoted to a sound combination or word family where children are introduced to an exciting world of interesting friendly characters that help them learn. There is a larger focus on rhyming and letter patterns in words with the introduction of blends and long vowel sounds. Many more strategies and rules are taught to ensure an understanding of how language works. This creates a love for reading and spelling.


Having had a taste of three-letter short vowel words in “Magic Bees”, children move into this program to experience more. The idea of word families is imparted and becomes a vehicle to understanding spelling and rhyming words. Children really start to grasp the concepts taught to date and become proficient in their skills of reading and spelling. Significant changes are noted in their confidence in this course.

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