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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at The Learning Bee?

We offer fun and engaging  literacy classes to help children learn to read with great success.
All of our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and enthusiastic about helping children become 
confident readers. We start teaching letter sounds at an early age to build a strong foundation for successful reading. We endeavour to make sure there aren't any loops and gaps missing in their learning journey. 

How do you teach children to read?

We start teaching letter sounds at an early age to build a strong foundation for literacy.
Our play-based program involves children and parents working together  to learn through fun interactive games, which can then be reviewed at home. Children are given homework materials to consolidate and practice their learning.

At what age can my child start The Learning Bee program?

We have classes starting with our "Honey Bees" lessons for 3 year olds all the way through to upper Primary students.

Does my child require an assessment?

If your child has some knowledge of letters and sounds, or can read words, they will require an 

assessment with us so that we can then place them in the correct class for their ability level.

Can I have a free trial?

We conduct free trial lessons for new clients that are beginners from 3 - 4.5 year olds, in the first week of each new Learning Bee term.
Often the Learning Bee term begins in the second week of the school term.

How many children do you have in each class?

We can have 2, up to 6 children in each class, unless you book a one-on-one private lesson with one of our lovely teachers. 

Won't my child learn all this at school?

Not necessarily the same thing in the same way!  Our programs are specifically designed for children to learn letter sounds and names, in a small group setting, so that they have direct instruction and feedback to develop great phonological awareness.

We teach through play so that lessons are interactive, engaging and children LOVE coming to their 
classes. We help children gain confidence by feeling success in their learning, as well as developing a strong foundation for the rest of their education.

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